Mountain Biking Michigan and the Owasippe Trail

I love the excitement and adventure of an unexplored mountain bike trail, specifically single trail. Cranking through the woods, over bridges, around lakes are just an amazing way to spend a day, or two, or three. Whether you are a beginner or and advanced cyclist, Michigan has a lot to offer! From beginner trails to advanced, you will find the adventure you seek in the Mitten State.

One of my favorite trails is the Owasippe Scout Reservation. Owasippe is the oldest Scout Reservation in the country and very special to the community where it is located. We almost lost this precious national resource only five years ago. The Chicago Council of Boy Scouts announced its intentions to sell the 4800 acre reservation to a developer that would turn it into residential neighborhoods. The community rallied and started a “Save Owasippe” campaign. They raised money to repair and rejuvenate the old Scout Reservation and today it remains. They celebrated their 100 year anniversary this year and it was a very special event. If you ride this trail, you will see why this place is so special. Untouched lakes, streams, and woods are a part of what makes this trail an awesome adventure. Hope you find time this year to check it out.

The following link is all you need to plan an awesome Mountain Biking Adventure in Michigan! Enjoy!

Here is the trail map for Owasippe

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